Spot Of Golf
Episode 218
Minecraft Xbox - Spot Of Golf 218

Minecraft Xbox - Spot Of Golf 218

Release Date August 6, 2014
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Helpers Appeared
L for Leeeee x
Pets Chosen
Gregory Jr.
People Added to the Love Garden
Kristy Wilkins
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Spot Of Golf is the 218th Episode of Stampy's Main Minecraft Series. In this video they play Golf.


Stampy and L for Leeeee x begin their day with a game of Shoot The Arrow At The Moving Minecart and Lee hits it but instead of destroying it, the Minecart stops. Lee then has to do a forfeit: Climb to the very (very, very, very, very) top of the house, then jump and try to land in the Lake.

Stampy adds Kristy Wilkins to the Love Garden because she sent him several Cartoon drawings of him and his friends which made him laugh. However, Stampy doesn't get a Dog as he reveals later when they arrive at the Golf Course that Gregory Jr. is already there, waiting for them.

Lee then performs his forfeit perfectly landing into the Lake and Stampy fixes the minecart ready for the next Episode.

The pair make their way to the Golf Course in Stampy's Funland to play the entire course for the rest of the video.

Stampy wins the game of Golf and gets to choose the next game. He chooses the Dunking Booth and is doing well when a Creeper comes along, is shot by Lee, and explodes right next to Stampy. He still wins the Dunking Booth Game though.

Golf ScoresEdit

Hole 1 - "Noob Alley"

Lee: 1 Throw  Stampy: 1 Throw

Hole 2 - "The Dip"

Lee: 2 Throws  Stampy: 2 Throws

Hole 3 - "Doghouse"

Lee: 2 Throws  Stampy: 3 Throws

Hole 4 - "Cobblestone Castle"

Lee: 2 Throws  Stampy: 1 Throw

Hole 5 - "Nether"

Lee: 3 Throws  Stampy: 3 Throws

Hole 6 - "Little Wood"

Lee: 2 Throws  Stampy: 2 Throws

Hole 7 - "The Mine"

Lee: 4 Throws  Stampy: 4 Throws

Hole 8 - "Hungry Stampy"

Lee: 5 Throws  Stampy: 3 Throws

Stampy Wins!


Minecraft Xbox- Spot of Golf [218]

Minecraft Xbox - Spot Of Golf 218

Minecraft Xbox - Spot Of Golf 218

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