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In Stampy's Lovely World, IBallisticSquid, one of his Minecraft Helpers, started building a little house for himself in Episode 102, because, AmyLee33 and Rosie833 kicked him out of his old room across from Stampy's room. He finished it in Episode 159. However, his house was destroyed by Hit the Target and Veeva Dash in Episode 455 and his entrance was sealed.


As you walk into the big massive Dog House where Stampy's dogs are kept, you should see a door on to your left. If you walk in it, you will see a little blue entrance. As you continue to walk around this room, you will see a kitchen that leads to a little balcony/fishing area outside. Then below the kitchen is a Living Room with a flat screen television, bluish couch, and wardrobes. Also, there are 9 item frames of Ink sacs around the little apartment. And finally, you come into a small sized Bedroom with a blue shower Squid claims he actually sleeps in! And finally, sometimes you should see a slippery fellow hanging out there! It is a pretty good establishment for the slippery kind.

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