Squid Family ("The Adventure Begins" for Amy Lee and "NEW ADVENTURES!" for Ashdubh) is the first episode of the Attack of the B-Team modpack, played by Amy Lee, iBallistic Squid and Ashdubh. In this episode, the 3 of them are spawned in an ocean and try to find land.

Plot Edit

Squid, Ash and Amy spawn in the middle of the ocean, in a Coral Reef biome. While exploring for a short while, Squid and Ash notice a strange glitch where they fall underwater a lot quicker than before. Squid then decides that to get around the water quicker, they should kill an underwater animal, and because of the Morph mod, they can morph into it. Amy and Ash kill and morph into squids, while Squid kills and morphs into a Nautilus from the Fossils/Archaeology mod. He collects a Magic Conch, which can order a Plesiosaurus, as well as a piece of Muscle. Ash eats the muscle he received from the Squid, and becomes poisoned. Squid also collects some Seaweed floating around in the water. Squid then uses the Magic Conch Shell, though it doesn't work because he doesn't have the Plesiosaurus. Squid then kills a Squid with an Umbra Hat, and collects it. Squid then eats some seaweed, and gets night vision. The three of them continue to explore for land.

While exploring, Ash finds land, but it is just a Slime Island in the sky. However, Squid finds some land, and gives them coordinates. Amy comes to a nearby island. Meanwhile, Ash finds a Deadlands biome, and swims through the blood water. However, the land isn't suitable for living,as it is full of lava and fire, so he looks for some more land. Meanwhile, Amy finds some dinosaur-like DarwinMobs on the island she landed on. Soon enough, Ash finds Amy on the island. However, the island is in an Ominous Woods biome-a dark, dangerous biome of Dark Trees, poison ivy, Endermen, and Cave Spiders. While cruising around the island, Ash finds Squirtle and Pikachu DarwinMobs. Squid then arrives in a different part of the biome. However, their exploration is cut short by rain. Ash goes on land to cut down a tree but is killed by a Cave Spider. Both Amy and Squid are also attacked by Cave Spiders, but they manage to kill the spiders. Squid then adventures through the marshes to find Amy. He then finds her, and they both take shelter in a cave.

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