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"• ωє ρяσυ∂ℓу ѕєяνє.•"
— Stampy's Lovely Staff

As of July 5th, 2015, these are the official 'staff' members of the Stampylongnose Wikia:

Staff Gang


5882612.png Founder

Since August 4,2014

Hello! I am Kalin Parsons. I am the Founder of the Stampylongnose Wiki. I started this Wiki in August of 2013 and since it has grown from the smallest Internet Database about Stampy to the largest. Read the Rules & Requirements Page before making a page


Bureaucrats are senior editors. They have extra abilities where they can grant limited user rights to other respective users. Demotion of bureaucrats is not done without a community discussion, unless absolutely necessary due to his/her behaviour.  

25065419.png Bureaucrat

Since July 5,2014


Hi! I'm the 4th bureaucrat in this wiki. We assume for more better goals for this wiki to become better. Do not SWEAR and have an inappropriate behavior. I'M WATCHING YOU!( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (Most Active Bureaucrat and Blocker)

25254248.png Bureaucrat

Since August 24,2015

Semi Active

Hello, I am the most recent Bureaucrat on this wiki. I had became an Admin on November 13, 2014. I used to be the most active reporter but since I have Bureaucrat Status now, I can ban the people exactly when I see them.

24146652.png Bureaucrat

Since February 1, 2014

Semi Active

I was the wiki's 3rd admin from August 10th 2014 to March 5th 2015. I also became the first bureaucrat on August 14 2014. I am now a retired user, as of March 5 2015. I first came on the wiki with some experience, I had edited on wikis like Ninjago Wiki and Minecraft Wiki. I joined Feb 1 2014. I then became more frequently editing in June and July, and then was Admin and Bureaucrat in August. I then was framed, sadly in late 2014, by a user named Mr Magpie. It then turned into a "wiki war". There were many conflicts like Mr Magpie telling me that I made myself Head Admin, but that was somebody that I do not know that did that. The war finally cleared up with a treaty blog post I made, and Mr Magpie and me were friends again.

4131716.png Bureaucrat

Since February 16,2014


I am a (self proclaimed) experienced writer, blogger and editor. I have recently applied to a website called 'Social Student' to become a writer for them, so who knows! I want to persue informative and comical writing as a career, so the more experience I get, the better!


Administrators are trusted editors, equipped with the tools to keep the wiki running smoothly. They can issue blocks to troublesome editors, revert vandalism using the rollback tool, delete, and move pages.

25193355.png Administrator

Since July 18,2014

Hey guys! I'm Ratchet here, the most recent admin present in this wiki. I'm a long Stampy fan since Episode 179, and thus, I'm ready to gain information about Stampy-related things.
26894865.png Administrator

Since September 19, 2015


Chat Moderators

Chat Moderators moderate the chat room. They have the options to kick and ban users from the chat if any cause of violation of rules of chat policy.

Chat Moderator
Mystery Confetti

Since September 13,2013

Semi Active
Hi! I'm Mystery Confetti. I'm the Wiki's Chat Mod and I will be active as soon as possible. I'm also a friendly editor and I can report any bad behavior from anyone even abusing admins or any staff member.
Chat Moderator

Since September 7,2014


I am CaptainChimpy and my aim on this wiki is to becomed an acclaimed and respectable editor. I am here to positively edit the wiki!

I am trying to improve my IT and writing skills as a senior school student, and believe editing will help me to nurture those skills.


Moderators are responsible for all wiki activity, and in all forum threads. They always keep, and watch forums to be a safe place and can delete, edit, highlight threads, and lock threads.


Rollbacks have the power to rollback edits of one user through clicking history in a page. The user can revert past edits instead of re-typing edits if in case of vandalism.

25432763.png Rollback

Since December 12,2014

I'm Alison and I'm a huge fan of Stampy and the Magic Animal Club. I might not be able to edit every day, but I try, and you also need to know that I'm a noob at wikia, so there's still a lot I don't know. I'm here to try to improve many of the pages on this wiki and I HATE grammar or spelling issues.

*All the people above are classed as 'admins'. Any ability beyond the default administrator status is not to be publicly advertised. The chat moderators, and rollbacks are not considered as admins.

Former Staff Members

These were people who used to be part of the staff but were either demoted or they resigned.

When to contact us

Contact an administrator immediately if:

-You spot inappropriate language, either in a page, comment or wall.

-You spot vandalism

-You wish to have action taken against a person for whatever reason

-You wish to have a page deleted for whatever reason

-You want to ask a question

When messaging us about language, vandalism, a person or a page, you must provide a link (eg. the name of the page, the name of the person, the IP of the person). We cannot warn or block someone if we don't know who they are.

Continuous Vandalism.
Large amounts of vandalism is coming from registered users every year. The kinds of vandalism are deleting important info in an article, or adding unnecessary info. Please undo or renew the edits if you can, to help restore the pages' info as soon as possible. Be sure to leave a message on an admin's or a bureaucrat's message wall with a link to the vandal.

Staff Application

We have an application for 2 rollbacks, a chat mod, and an admin. If you wish to become one, please speak with those who can grant you the abilities, such as OllieehSuperlyAttachedGlitch77Trenchpit777, and KalinParsonsGaming. Asking does not guarantee you the chance. All the community will be asked their opinions if you wish to become an admin. The decision is not up to one person, it is up to everyone!

Thank you! :D

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