Stampy's Doghouse was built in between Episodes 10 and 11. Stampy almost always visits the Dog House every morning to choose a dog to take with him.


It was built off-video in between Episodes 10 and 11. HitTheTarget98 would sometimes steal dogs from Stampy's 'Lovely' Doghouse.


The Dog House is a small room filled with Stampy's Dogs. There are small pathways where the dogs can have fun. The signs at the left of the room where the list of his dogs with the color of their collars. There is also buttons and when you press it, a bone or porkchop flys out from the machine. There are two doors that Stampy can enter or exit the doghouse.


  • Getting a dog is part of Stampy's morning ritual on nearly every episode.
  • Near the doghouse is IBallisticSquid's Room, which was formerly a room filled with small pools of water for infinite water source.
  • The Dog House was originally only for one dog named Gregory.

Featured Video Edit

Minecraft Xbox- My Lovely Doghouse [11]

Minecraft - My Lovely Doghouse 11

Minecraft - My Lovely Doghouse 11

Stampy's Doghouse

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