This page is a complete list of Stampy's dogs.

Most of the alive ones live in the Dog House. Some dogs that do not live in the Doghouse, such as Fluffy who lives in the Pick-A-Pet Pet Shop for sale and Gregory Jr., who lives in the Golf Course and Barnaby, who has moved to Stampy's Room. UPDATE: In Stampy's lovely book on page 10, it shows that Stampy has owned 25 dogs and that 14 of them have died, so that means that one of the dogs on this page was never official (Bowser) so he has been removed and just for the record Stampy did not save his world after his meeting my number one fan video and that means Bowser never existed.

Doggy Dogs Doggy

Stampy's Lovely World Dogs

Barnaby - Bengy - Benton - Duncan - Flippy - Luna - Fluffy - Gregory Jr. - Corey - Sherbet - Larry Love - Tikka - Aqua - The Arbiter - Arrow - Bowser - Cedric - Chicken - Guilty Bark - Lucky - Oreo - Porky - Snowy - Gregory - Stampygoodnose - Sparky - Spring

Quest Dogs

Peter - Bizzle - Twizzle - Wizzle - Bob

Sky Den Dogs


Other Dogs

Tibs - Terry the Dog

A dog in italic means it is dead or neglected.


Name First appearance Collar Color Gender
Barnaby Journey Into The Nether Default Red Male
Bengy Lovely Library Blue Male
Benton Emergency Igloo (episode) Cyan Male
Corey Colourful Castle Green Male
Duncan Lovely Library Black Male
Flippy Accidents in the Lava Room Purple Female
Fluffy Longbow's World Yellow Female
Gregory Jr. Crazy Golf Course White Male
Luna Christmas Rescue Pink Female
Sherbet Stampy's Wolf Pack Orange Male


Name First appearance Last appearance Reason Collar Color
Aqua Minecraft Slaves Dolphin Dives She followed Stampy to play the Water Rush game, but she jumped and drowned. Default Red
The Arbiter A Lovely Lighthouse Kitty Kitchen He was killed by Sparky, Lee's dog. Default Red
Arrow Googlies Trap Dunking Booth Ank55 accidentally pushed him off the tower while they were building it. Default Red
Cedric Journey into the Nether Helter Skelter Stampy was going to feed Cedric a porkchop, but Cedric jumped off the helter skelter accidentally. Default Red
Chicken Christmas Day Troubles Brewing He swam up and drowned in the water pillar. Default Red
Gregory Gregory The Dog White Chocolate Paradise (flashback) He was shot by an arrow of a skeleton off-camera after Episode 6. Default Red
Guilty Bark Making a House a Home Inspiration Room He was killed by a zombie. Default Red
Lucky Making a House a Home Unexpected Drama He was set on fire and died during the first battle with Hit the Target. Default Red
Oreo Crazy Golf Course Chubby Kitty He drowned while Stampy was building the Fish me a Dish mini game. Default Red
Porky Lovely Library Lovely Library He landed in a stone block and died on Stampy's Slime Farm. Default Red
Snowy Accidents in the Lava Room Accidents in the Lava Room He got incinerated with lava while Stampy was finishing the Lava Room. Default Red
Spring Accidents in the Lava Room Police Station He drowned under the landfill while Stampy and Lee were building the Playful Po Po Station. Lime
Stampygoodnose Ghost Stories (cameo) Ghost Stories He was pushed accidentally by Hit the Target and fell off the tower. He was never seen in a Lovely World video until his cameo in Ghost Stories as a ghost. Default Red
Tikka Googlies Trap Shooting Range She burned in the lava room of the Creeper Coaster while Stampy was riding the Creeper Coaster. Default Red

Unknown Status

Name/s Born/Tamed/First seen Last seen Possible reason/s Collar Color/s
Bowser Never official Meeting My Number 1 Fan According to many, he was burned into lava while they were touring the Nether Portal Room. After the special episode he was never mentioned again in any other episode. Default Red


  • Spring is the only dog who died without the default red collar color.
  • Chicken and Luna were both born on Christmas.
  • Gregory was only seen in one episode. 
  • The dogs have colored collars since Episode 185 (Water Pyramid). 
  • It is possible Stampy could have forgotten about Bowser. 
  • Stampygoodnose's death like Gregory's was mentioned but not shown, some of the others did not die on screen but Stampy knew about it. 

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