Stampy's Fantastical CD-Trap (episode)
Episode 36
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Stampy's Fantastical CD-Trap is the 36th episode in Stampy's Lovely World.


After the introduction, Stampy said that he needs to redesign his storeroom because the chests are smaller than blocks. After that, he heads out to an another house to build a CD-Trap for his theather. That action was so hard because there were many googlies. Stampy managed to get some CD. Sadly though, it was the worst one, 11. Then, a googlie blew Stampy up and he re-spawned in his spawn point, not in his bedroom. He quickly grab some stone tools and headed back to get his stuff back. He was so happy to see a chicken that guarded his stuff. stampy said he could be friends with the chicken but he ended up killing it!

Trivia Edit

  • The CD Trap featured in this episode was demolished to make way for the airport's runway many episodes later in the 539th episode, Helicopter.

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