Stampy's Fantastical CD-Trap is a contraption built in Stampy's Lovely World.


The CD-Trap is made out of cobblestone and soulsand. It is square-shaped, and can be wide enough to trap skeletons and creepers in to get music discs.


It is located beside Stampy's First House.


Stampy's Fantastical CD-Trap

Stampy builds the CD Trap in his episode. He only got one music disc and it was the worst in the set, 11.

Disco Domain

Stampy uses this again, this time, a MKII version when sadly the old one got blew up. He set up a challenge with L for Leeeee x, where they have to get as much music discs as they can and whoever has the most music discs wins. Stampy got 3, while Lee got nothing.

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