"Ok, welcome back to...ha, really stupid way to start, start my commentry with OK."
— Stampy laughing at himself for starting the video with Ok
Stampy's First Home
Episode 2
Release Date May 21, 2012
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Welcome To Stampy's Lovely World is the second episode inside of Stampy's Lovely World.

Synopsis Edit

In this episode, he builds his first real home after staying one night in a karven, but it turns out as bats.


Stampy begins the video in a forest. He then says he wants to build a house before it gets dark so he doesn't have to battle any googlies. However he explores the area and ends up building a house just when it becomes night. He builds it out of oak planks and dirt. He also puts a sign that says: Stampy's Home Welcome. He says bye and ends the video.

Enemies Edit

  • Creeper
  • Skeleton
  • Zombie
  • Spider

Neutral Mobs Edit

  • Parrot
  • Wolf
  • Llama
  • Cow


  • This video is from before Stampy became famous.
  • He curses six times in the video. 5 of them are said repeatedly very quick. There is also an Oh, god.
  • He only gets wooden tools, where as in the last video he had stone tools
  • This is Stampy's first proper house.
  • When Stampy tours his world in episode 300 or episode 600, it is revealed the wooden tools he had are still in his house.
  • This is Stampy's first time placing a sign.
  • Stampy actually assumed that he was only building out of wood because he was in a hurry, but by the time he finished he realized it was dirt, but he didnt have time to change it back. Now it has been fixed out of video.
  • This episode is currently unavailable on his channel.


This is a kid-friendly version of this episode, meaning that all the swears are censored.

Minecraft - Stampy's First Home 2 (Kid Friendly)

Minecraft - Stampy's First Home 2 (Kid Friendly)

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