Funland Area

A view of part of the Funland

Stampy's Funland is the largest area built in Stampy's Lovely World. It has games, rides and attractions (and dog graves). It was toured in the 301st video, "Everything Else", and the 601st episode, "Funland Tour".


Stampy's Funland is a plot of land where rides, attractions and crazy games are located and where Stampy and his friends play all day long. Building minigames, rides and attractions takes 1-3 days then they have a tester go to see if the game works. Then in the next video, Stampy and some of his friends will have a tournament to see who will be the champion. From the outside is a large sign that says "Stampys Funland" that was built in Episode 51- "A Bad Sign" and a colorful tunnel which houses the former Minecart Track. Stampy has a series called "Stampy’s Funland", in which he only plays mini games



It can be accessed from Stampy's House via either the Tree Train, that connects from his house to the Funland easily, or the Teleporter inside the Secret Base, which also has few Teleporters on the Funland. Stampy also wished few times to extend the Tree Train further inside the Funland, but he hasn't done so, probably because now the teleporters do what he wanted the extended tree train to do. It is also accessible by Pigs and Walking.


Before Stampy's Funland, it was originally a large frozen lake in which Stampy, with the help of his friends, covered with grass.

The first game that existed is the Golf Course, where his dog Gregory Jr. lives. Many days later he built the sign of the Funland and since then he added the games, rides and attractions that exist today. It is also hinted that after Stampy finishes the Funland which may be in 5 years or so he will build walls around it to protect it. He has also talked about installing a monorail system, similar to the one in Disneyland and Walt Disney World

Rides, Games and AttractionsEdit

Here is a list of notable rides, games and attractions.

  1. Golf Course
  2. Creeper Coaster
  3. Pew Pew Shooting Range
  4. Duck Fling
  5. Googlies Manor
  6. Crystal Waters
  7. Helter Skelter
  8. Crystal Rapids
  9. Dunking Booth
  10. Shear Fun
  11. Road Hog
  12. Fish me a Dish
  13. Dog Assault Course
  14. Flower Power
  15. Raindrops
  16. Water Rush
  17. It's A Lovely World
  18. Circus
  19. What Goes Up
  20. Reindeer Rodeo
  21. Bury Berry
  22. Turbo Types
  23. Flop
  24. Snow Throw
  25. Bouncy Boats
  26. Cat and Mice
  27. Swift Swine
  28. Tumble Tower
  29. The Ding Dong Game
  30. Gold Grab
  31. Wiggly Worm
  32. Sharky Shark
  33. Doggy Hockey
  34. Whale of a Time
  35. Take The Tooth
  36. Honey Hunt
  37. Douse the House
  38. Switch the Switch
  39. Broth Brawl
  40. Mole Hole
  41. Rule the Duel
  42. Desert Drop
  43. Sheep Shuffle
  44. Maze Master
  45. Investigator
  46. Castle Crumble
  47. Pig Pong
  48. The Banana
  49. Bury Berry 2: In Space
  50. Chicken Trail
  51. Fairy Lights
  52. Jolly Snowy
  53. Leaky Tap
  54. Slime Time
  55. Brick Breaking
  56. Fashion Sense
  57. Drop It
  58. Temple Trap
  59. Tool Trade
  60. Fall For It
  61. Enderball
  62. Boingy Beaks
  63. Pirate Plunder
  64. Run Away
  65. Boat Bowling
  66. Swapsies
  67. Dodge 'n' Drop
  68. Racestone
  69. Beat the Heat 2
  70. Still Shooting
  71. Bombs Away
  72. Spleef Chief
  73. Sheep Shuttle
  74. Harry Hops
  75. Cart Count
  76. Drench
  77. Fire and Water
  78. In The Dark
  79. Power Play
  80. Terrorcotta 2
  81. Jump In
  82. Knock 'Em Dead
  83. Freeze
  84. Fishy
  85. Magmatch
  86. Push Pit
  87. Risk It
  88. Yoink
  89. Knock Out
  90. A Blast
  91. Temple Pit
  92. Temple Track
  93. Blocked
  94. Take The Tooth 2

Top 10's Edit

Stampy's Top 10 Mini-GamesEdit

  1. Temple Trap
  2. Flower Power
  3. Sharky Shark
  4. Broth Brawl
  5. Fashion Sense
  6. Bouncy Boats
  7. Castle Crumble
  8. Flop
  9. Tool Trade
  10. Whale of a Time

Stampy's Top 10 Broken Mini-gamesEdit

  1. Whale of a Time
  2. Raindrops
  3. Bury Berry 2: In Space
  4. Wiggly Worm
  5. Boat Bowling
  6. Crystal Waters
  7. Pew Pew Shooting Range
  8. It's A Lovely World After All
  9. Road Hog
  10. Reindeer Rodeo

Brief MentionEdit

Stampy's Top 10 Biggest Mini-gamesEdit

  1. Raindrops
  2. Sheep Shuttle
  3. Creeper Coaster
  4. Pirate Plunder
  5. Fall For It
  6. Whale of a Time
  7. Crystal Waters
  8. Circus
  9. Harry Hops
  10. Leaky Tap

Top 10 Best Looking Mini-Games in Stampy's Funland Edit

  1. Run Away
  2. Creeper Coaster
  3. Flower Power
  4. Shear Fun
  5. Crystal Waters
  6. Temple Trap
  7. Harry Hops
  8. Investigator
  9. Drench
  10. Bouncy Boats

Other things and placesEdit

  • The big Funland sign is located on the hill just past Downtown.
  • There is also a colourful tunnel underneath the sign, which was part of the former track before it was removed. It still stands today.
  • The Funland House is located in a hill near the Golf Course where Stampy and his friends can sleep without going back to his house. This was no longer needed when the Funland grow so big, it was easier just to put down some beds.
    • Additionally, Agatha the Creeper's grave is just in-front of the entrance.
  • There are also dog graves around the Funland, including ones for Arrow, Cedric, Tikka, Oreo and Aqua.
  • The first Lovely Jubbley Love Love Petal flower was also planted beside Road Hog. It is still there to this day.
  • There is also a community board listing all the upcoming builds, but is currently unused.
  • Squid's house was also located within the Funland, but it was removed.
  • Longbow currently has 2 houses located under and inside the Funland, one underneath The Ding Dong Game and another one underneath Bury Berry.
  • A birch house was built behind the Mole Hole game where AmyLee33 rested there when she slept due to exhaustion. This was later destroyed for an unknown reason.
  • There are also random stuff built by Fizzy Elephant:
    • A mooshroom riding on a minecart in circles
    • A cookie dispenser
    • A treehouse which was used as a "viewing area" for Racestone
  • There are few Teleporters located in few areas of the Funland. Including beside Take The Tooth, next to Brick Breaking and one behind Run Away.

Series Edit

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The Funland is the main setting of the spin-off series of Stampy's Lovely World where Stampy and his guests play the existing mini-games throughout the episodes.