Stampy's Hot Buns
Statistics of the place:
Episode Built, Created or Seen: Galaxy City World Tour (Part 1)
Type of place: Restaurant Chain, Bakery
Used for: Dining

Stampy's Hot Buns is a chain of bakeries headquartered in Stampy's Lovely World.


There are many locations around the world of Minecraft the most iconic ones are in Galaxy City and Stampy's Lovely World.


Stampy's Hot Buns was originaly Headquartered in Central Galaxy City but is now in Downtown Stampy's Lovely World.


  • Bread
  • Cookies

Distributing and ImportingEdit

Stampy's Cakes (originally imported from Galaxy City) is baked and imported from Squids Cake Factory in Squid's World. his cookies are imported and baked at the original location in Galaxy City. Bread is baked in Stampy's Lovely World with wheat from Stampy's Hot Buns Farm, Stampy's Farm, and Stampy's Wheat Farms.



  • It is often used when Stampy is speaking directly to the viewer in special occasions such as subscriber specials or events. This may be because it is essentially full of cake, mimicing the stereotype that cake is the main theme of Stampy's videos.
  • It is the first shop ever built in Stampy's Lovely World.
  • Stampy has been inspired this idea after the original store on Galaxy City when he saw one while he was touring the world.
  • In Stampy's Top 10 Buildings in his Town video, he stated that Stampy's Hot Buns was his tenth favourite building in his whole town.

Featured Videos Edit

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Building Stampy's Hot Buns

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The Employee of the Month Challenge

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