Stampy's Hot Buns (Episode)
Episode 91
Minecraft Xbox - Stampy's Hot Buns 9121:47

Minecraft Xbox - Stampy's Hot Buns 91

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Afro Dan91
Rand0m T4ylor
L for Lee x
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Stampy's Hot Buns is the 91st episode inside of Stampy's Lovely World.

Plot Edit

Stampy greets then goes to the Love Garden and adds harry potter

. He then goes across his garden and then points to where the Stampy's Hot Buns but accidentally he punches Lee resulting his dog, Sparky to attack Stampy. After that, he proceeds to lead the chickens and cows out and to the Stampy Hot Buns. He also planted sugar canes and wheat. He then builds the inside but not yet the cakes. He then goes to play with his friends the mini game, Shear Fun. Stampy kills all of his dogs and lee then has a party:)

Video Edit

Minecraft Xbox- Stampy's Hot Buns [91]

Minecraft Xbox - Stampy's Hot Buns 91-121:47

Minecraft Xbox - Stampy's Hot Buns 91-1

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