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Stampy's House (Stampy's Lovely Home) is the name given to one of the oldest and biggest buildings in Stampy's Lovely World. It is the home of Stampy, and he begins each video with a ritual of panning out to his balcony; he sometimes holds a mini game in his balcony, before being greeted by his Minecraft helpers. He also goes to the Love Garden on every episode and giving a shout out to the people who had made cool stuff. This is often things like fan arts, cakes, re-builds and other such things.


The exterior of the house is mostly made out of oak wood planks and sandstone; however, its rooms are designed differently, to match the theme of each. There is also a fountain at the front which functions in two ways: one is just only normal during the day, and the water is shaped like carpet during the night. It is made out of the same materials as well.


Before the big, massive house - when Stampy started playing Minecraft - his very first house is located inside a mountain (near his current house, seen in his balcony). His next house  is located far from the main area of Stampy's Lovely World, which he never went to since created (besides Episode 36) until episode 250, 'Disco Domain' when he went to that area to get music discs in a competition with Lee. He also went there in episode 300, 'Everything' where he did a tour of his Lovely World. Finally, the third house is his current state of residence. His first ever house was made out of wood and dirt. 


Inhabitants of the house are Stampylongnose or currently know as stampy or stampylonghead, Henry (a snow golem), Hilda (an iron golem), Fred the Friendly Enderman, and any guests and friends he has in an episode. His Dogs live next to his house in a dog house under his farm.


These are all the rooms to be exact:


There are currently 6 bedrooms.

  • Stampy's Bedroom - This is the place where Stampy begins almost every video. It has a bed, some signs, goodies and a balcony.
  • Lee's Room - The room where L for Lee x used to sleep. This room is also called a "room of no requirement", because there is nothing in this room.
  • Henry and Hilda's Room - This is the place where Henry and Hilda live. It was formerly Crimson Azoth's, then IBallisticSquid's, then AmyLee33's before it became the current room.
  • Guest Room - This is the room where guests can sleep. It is located on the upper floor of the middle building.
  • Fred's Room - Fred's current state of residence. Located above the Crafting Room. It was used to be a minecart station but since Fred always stays there, he decided to build a room for him.
  • Fizzy Elephant's Room - Fizzy Elephant's current state of residence. It is located at the Music Tower.

Storage Room

The Storeroom is where almost all of the materials are stored. It is used to be againsted the walls, but he renovated it and had a waterfall on the middle and a lower level where unused blocks are stored.

Nether Portal Room

This is the place where there will be a portal to go to the spooky and dangerous part of Stampy's Lovely World, the Nether.

Secret Base

The secret base is located under the lake where Stampy builds cool gadgets for use and to keep safe and prepare for a fight against Hit the Target.

Crafting Room

The Crafting Room is the place where you craft and smelt things.

Love Garden

The Love Garden is the place full of signs with people on it, because they have done something good for him.

Brewing Room

The Brewing Room is the place where you brew potions. It is one of the places in his house to have a glass roof. It was used to be a little balcony but replaced it.

Enchanting Room

This is the place where you enchant things.


This is the place where you take a bath or wash. It was used to be a minecart station but was demolished as part of its construction.

Living Room

This is the place where they can relax.

Dining Room/Kitchen

This is the place where they can cook food and eat. It is directly connected to the living room.

Inspiration Room

This is the place where almost all Minecraft blocks and things are seen. It is also used as a study area. He goes in there and looks at all the different blocks to see what he could build out of.


This is the place where you can read books and have a relax while reading. When you open a secret lever, it reveals a secret vault where VERY important things are stored.

Swimming Pool

This is the place where you can have a little swim and have a wet-time. It has a little hot tub in one of the corners.

Stampy's Clubhouse

This is place where they hold parties and have fun.


There are different types of farms with different things in.

  • Plant Farm - Almost all of the plants are placed here.
  • Chicken Farm - The place where you can get eggs from chickens.
  • Tree Farm - The place where you can get oak wood and saplings.
  • Animal Farm - The place where animals are stored.
  • Resource/XP Farm - The place where you can get loot from Googlies and XP.
  • Slime Farm - The place where you can get slimeballs.
  • Wheat Farm - The place where you can get wheat.
  • Water Farm - The unlimited water source you can get.
  • Lava Room - The place where lava can be taken.

Dog House

This is the place where all Stampy's Dogs are kept safely.

Former Rooms

  • Minecart Track - He has a minecart track in the past where it connects one part of the house to another. This proved that it was "pointless" since it was no longer used, and he also said that "running is faster" (all said in the TU19 video). It was removed on Episode 147 where Stampy built the Bathroom while the other station was converted into a room now owned by the friendly enderman, Fred.
  • Balcony - A rooftop balcony was made above the Storeroom to have a good view of his world. Since he also no longer uses it, he converted it into a Brewing Room.
  • Music Room - This room is nothing but a jukebox along with a chest of some CD's. It was converted into Fizzy Elephant's home.
  • Squid's Room - This was the permanent room for iBallisticSquid to sleep in. It was destroyed by Hit the Target and his Laser Ship, and has been sealed off since.

Dog Graves


  • An old version of the house was recreated for TU19 of Minecraft.

Stampy's house got set on fire by hit the target in the episode, Hot Spot. Stampy put out the fire, and fixed the damage.

Stampy's House

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