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Stampy's Lovely World
A Minecraft series by Stampy
Playthrough Information
Starring Stampy Cat
Let's Play Type Series
Run date(s) 19 May 2012 - Present
Status Ongoing
Playlist Stampy's Lovely World Episode Playlist
Stampy Lovely World is Stampy's main world in Minecraft and the flagship series of the stampylonghead channel.


The official language of Stampy's Lovely World is British-English because Joseph Garrett, who is controlling Stampy, lives in the UK, even though there may be some helpers with a different language.


Googlies are mainly used when Stampy spots 2 or more enemies.


There were rarely criminals in S.L.W. but Stampy built a Police Station to make sure every criminal is arrested. Each criminal is wanted for 6 gold ingots but Hit the Target is wanted for 8 diamond blocks making him S.L.W's most wanted.


Stampy's laws are fair and simple. Here are some of them

  • No stealing
  • Bank-in-episode-226

    His Bank in Downtown.

    No littering crafting tables
  • No food destroying
  • No snoring
  • Don't be evil and always be nice
  • Don't leave doors open
  • No griefing
  • Stampy is the boss
  • All helpers have a right
  • No long necks


Stampy's Lovely World doesn't have a military due to it's peaceful nature. S.L.W's only line of protection is S.P.F(Stampy's Police Force) which was created during Episode 227.

Player Rights

Stampy is a fair person but 1 law is horrible to enforce. Here are they:

Freedom To Health

Everyone have to have cake for breakfast which is not healthy.



On many occasions has a game in his Funland had a noteblock song; especially It's A Lovely World After All by WeeWeeGaming, one of the best noteblock musician (along with Yves Lenaerts who made music for CaptainSparkelz Revenge).

Historic Sites and Monuments

Literature & Arts

Stampy's Lovely World has one Art Museum located in the Lighthouse. He also has a Theatre that holds up plays which one happened in Episode 47.

Building with the Community

Some Pixel Art by Stampy.


SLW has many different food types, most notable being Mush.


Stampy's Lovely World has two sports teams

Sports Teams in Stampy's Lovely World
Team Name Sport Venue
Stampy's Golf Team Miniature Golf Golf Course

Stampy also makes up various sports and sometimes plays other sports like Spontanius Spleef, Parkour, and Basketball. He also makes up Teams for his Funland.


Farmland in Stampy's Lovely World is among one of the richest in all of the Minecraft Worlds. It can grow anything including wheat, potatoes, carrots, pumpkins, melons, mushrooms and even Nether Wart imported from the, you know where, The Nether! Stampy's Lovely World also has domesticated many animals. Sheep, cows, chickens, pigs, doggies, kitties, and even the exotic Mooshroom! But they have very cool names. Sheep- Woolys. Cows- Moo Moos. And Pigs- Piggy Wigs. They provide food, wool, and transportation. Only pigs are used for transportation.


There are many shops in Stampy's world; all of these are located in Downtown.


There is a school division in SLW which teaches 4 subjects. Combat is taught by Stampy, Cooking is taught by Lee. Swimming is taught by Sqaishey and Flower Arrangements is taught by Amy Lee .


The Tree Train is the main mode of Transportation in Stampy's Lovely World. He also has a long Bike/Walk Path to everywhere in his world. The Submarine and SS Stumpy both can transport within water.
Tree Train

Travelling by Tree Train

Pig Race

Travelling by Pig

Modes of Transportation in Stampy's Lovely World
Name Type
Tree Train (formerly Minecart Track) Light Rail
SLW Metro Rapid Rail
Paths Walk/Bike Path

Science and Technology

Stampy Cat was the first cat on the moon and most things are powered by redstone these days. As SLW is one of the most technologically advanced Minecraft World in history it still strives to invent contraptions to advance every cat, bear, dog, squid, and duck in his world.

Minecraft Xbox - Trip To The Moon 8516:40

Minecraft Xbox - Trip To The Moon 85

Stampy on the moon


The Hospital is the main hospital in SLW which is in Downtown. And also there is a 2nd Hospital called The Emergency Igloo. His hospital has helped dogs chill out, create cool and rather strange potions, and cure 2 zombie villagers in his "Not All Bad Zombie Lab'.


The house has rooms:

  • First hallway
  • Second hallway
  • Storage room
  • Crafting room
    • Located behind the Love Garden, this is one of the most useless rooms as Stampy would carry his own Crafting Table and craft everywhere.
  • Fred's room
    • A former Minecart Track station was renovated to an Enderman's room. There would be blocks for Fred's satisfaction.
  • Brewing room
  • clubhouse,
  • main part of bedrooms,
  • stampy's shack,
  • Henry and Hilda's room
    • Formerly Squid's and AmyLee33's room, Henry and Hilda's room is one of the rooms where the popular Iron Golem, Hilda and the Snow Golem who likes to hide and seek, Henry.
  • Living Room
    • This room contains a TV (where there are 2 people fighting) and a couch to sit on.
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
    • Notable for being used in cleaning L for Lee x's pants. This is where Stampy cleans himself.
  • Inspiration Room
    • This room contains almost all blocks of Minecraft. Stampy stated that he would get the ideas of his buildins in this room.
  • Swimming Pool
    • Notably, Stampy hates this room. He rarely goes in this room. 
  • library,
  • lava room,
  • wheat room,
  • helpers room,
  • room of no requirement,
  • Music Tower
    • One of the unfinished rooms in the house, Stampy planned to play music in this room.
  • creeper store room.

"I believe it's amazing! I think I'm happy with this house, I think it's complete!" He once quoted in Episode 147. Overall, there has been no further improvement to his house after that episode until he planned to renovate the room above the Crafting Room which became Fred the Enderman's room.


Main Series

Usually, Lovely World videos are being published every Wednesday and Saturday, with the exception of the important events (Halloween, Christmas, etc.); these videos can be published in any day of the week.

Episodes 1-31 are in private due to the fact that those videos were not family-friendly.


The world has been featured in videos of other YouTube channels.

  • BigBStatz toured the world in few episodes of Creative Cribs.
  • Finnball and his wife had a date in the Lovely World.
  • The world is featured in AmyLee33's first video where she and Stampy play games in the Funland.
  • When Stampy was featured in an episode of LionMaker's Crafting with Youtubers, Lion interviewed him inside of the world.

Top 10's

Stampy's Top 10 Hit The Target Videos

  1. Cat to the Future
  2. Ocean Adventure
  3. Egg Hunt
  4. Friends and Foes
  5. Sinking Feeling
  6. Hot Spot
  7. Evil Plan
  8. Brain Wave
  9. Fight In Flight
  10. Unexpected Drama

Stampy's Top 10 Redstone Contraptions

Limited to Lovely World only.

  1. Recycle Michael (Waste Place)
  2. Treadmill (Shoe 4 U)
  3. Fashion Sense
  4. Boingy Beaks
  5. Switch the Switch
  6. Coffee Contraption (Coffee Corner)
  7. Snack On Track
  8. Washing Machine (Clean Machine)
  9. Investigator
  10. Redstone Fire (Clay Oven)


<gallery> Melonmoment.png|The Melon Moment Fruit Stand in Downtown Minecraft Xbox - Stampy's Hot Buns 91-0.jpg|Stampy's Hot Buns new World Headquarters in Downtown Epic Big C.jpg|Chloe in Stampy's Funland, the number one Tourist Attraction in Stampy's Lovely World Stampy's Bedroom.jpg|Stampylongnose in his Bedroom. Sos.jpg|Stampy and Longbow X99 on the SS Stampy Evil Mr.Porkchop.jpg|Stampy's Helpers in the Love Garden Ester.png|Ester in Stampy's House Cake Thief.jpg|Lee and Bengy in th

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