Stampy's New Minecraft Adventure is the 1st episode of Wonder Quest.


The episode starts with Stampy waking up inside of his bedroom in Stampy's Lovely World. He picks up his Stampy-style boots and his adventure vest and took Barnaby to join in a quest to find the cake of Pirate Cakebeard. The video turned over to a narrator talking about the land of Wonderberg . After the short narrative activity, Heinous and his gang tried to steal the Wonder Gem which keeps the people of the land wondering and think new experiments and things. His gang was hurt from the traps that keep the gem protected from any crime. Meanwhile, Wizard Keen was trying to create a potion, but the signals alarmed and hurriedly rushed to the gem. He tried to stop Heinous from stealing the gem. Heinous wanted to steal the gem because he tried to make jokes to the audiences of the Wonder Gem Celebration just a year ago. Keen attacked him, but he broke the gem into pieces and they all flew away. Back at his house, Keen made a spell to summon a hero. Meanwhile, Stampy and Barnaby found the cake of Pirate Cakebeard but they both fell off a hole leading to the land, and met Keen. Keen toured them in the land, and they went to the Wonder Gem to have a short discussion about it. Stampy then found a book with a riddle on it. They solved the riddle which the answer was a telescope and he think of creating one to find the first piece. They fought their way to the land's observatory, and had a short discussion about the rotation of the Earth around the sun. They then proceeded to make a telescope. Stampy found the first piece, but it flew through space. From there the episode ends.


Wonder Quest - STAMPY’S NEW MINECRAFT ADVENTURE- Episode 115:11


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