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Episode 71
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 Stampy's Secret Base is the 71st episode in Stampy's Lovely World.

Synopsis Edit

In this video, Stampy builds a secret entrance in Stampy's Secret base, then plays Crystal Waters in his Funland.

Plot Edit

Stampy greets his viewers as usual. Lee bear starts in his bedroom like he always does. He goes to his Love Garden and adds Jamie Courtier. He then goes to the Dog House to choose which dog to join him in the video. He picks Arrow to join him in for the video.

He goes down to the secret base using the water elevator and sees a skeleton inside of the secret base. In the water elevator there are two of squids.

He goes down to what he will be building in the video and sees another skeleton and starts building with red stone. He then says bye then ends the episode.

Minecraft Helpers Edit

Video Edit

Minecraft Xbox - Stampy's Secret Base -71-

Minecraft Xbox - Stampy's Secret Base -71-