Edward Garrett
First Appearance: Cloning Contraption
Last Appearance: Clone Calamity
Username: Unknown
Nicknames: Unknown
Gallery: "Unknown"

The Stampy Cat clone (also called Stampy #2) was created during the Cloning Contraption episode by Stampy himself

History Edit

Stampy had created a cloning machine in his secret base. He tested it on a Lovely Jubbley Love Love Petal, and then on a Cake. Finally he decided to clone himself, and Stampy Clone was born. Stampy Clone then assisted Stampy and Lee in building the Soggy Sandwich restaurant, but before the episode's end he sailed away on a boat to build his own Lovely World. He probably came into contact with the news of Stampy's world, and later came to fight the Hit the Target clones.

Stampy Clone returned in Clone Calamity to help Stampy and Lee fight a clone of Hit The Target, where he was accidentaly killed by Stampy.That Video Is the Best sadly the button got removed so no more clones............