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'Stampylongnose' (often shortened to 'Stampy') is the publicity name given and used by Joseph Garret, a proffesional Youtube commentator and gamer. The title was given to his first (uses sometimes) Youtube channel, before he transferred onto a second one ('Stampylonghead'), which is now more prominent.

Stampy's first name is Joseph

  • He was born December
  • His best friend is Adam Whyborne
  • He loves all of his fans but if it's a person just like you that probilly know the he can't reply to everyone.
  • His other Best friend is Swarragiazer F.Mendoza.
  • He loves Maria Shea Y. Macatangay as a friend.
  • On 2 December 2013, Stampy's channel was taken down by YouTube because of "inappropriate material." Fortunely, the channel was cleared of any wrongdoing that evening.
  • Stampy also records games like Terraria, Ni No Kuni Wrath of the white Witch, Doki Doki Universe, and Broken Age: Act 1.
  • His old channel was called stampylongnose
  • He loves to play adventure maps with iBallisticSquid
  • Stampy immediately became addicted to Minecraft after playing; it quickly rose to become his favorite game and has attracted many of his subscribers to play this game.
  • Stampy's skin is suposed to be a character from Dust: An Elysian Tail named Fidget, but some fans now call the original Fidget: "Stampy" due to his intense populaity.
  • L for leeeeeee x is the main helper in Stampy's lovely world
  • He does not swear due to a lot of kids watching his videos
  • Hello, this is Stampy, and welcome to a Minecraft Let's Play video. Another video inside of Stampy's Lovely world! (Beginning of every minecraft lets play inside Stampy's lovely world episode)
  • His full name is Joseph Mark Garrett
  • He beat Broken Age: Act 1 in 12 episodes
  • He hates Hitthetarget91


Today in this video I'm joined by l for leeeeee  x who is going to give me my breakfast!

  •  The soggy chicken (Lab 115) (one hundred and fifteen if your from Belgium)
  • OH NOOOOO!!! (holding nose) (in sewers on adventure maps)
  • Hello, this is Stampy, and welcome to another minecraft let's play video! Anoher video in Stampy's Lovely World! Today in this video I will be joined by L for Leeeeeee x and also (Players)! Today I will be (Summary of what hes gonna do) Hopefully.... Yay! My Breakfast! NUMNUMNUMNUMNUM!!!!!
  • YES!!!!! I won finally after another game of hunger games i have won (
  • Look what i found squid, a diamond (he said when he was doing The Dropper.)
  • No! No! (he said when he played The Final Contestant.)
  • Today, I'm gonna take.... (any dog.)
  • I thought it was an actor at first ( Ep. 69 )
  • As you can see the sun's about to rise ( he said during easter)
  • Lee, do you have my breakfast?
  • You know you should never have cake for breakfast and levee crumbs on the floor and levee half a cake I prefer you to have a apple or some porridge even I am starting to feel yucky in the stomach
  • Lee do you have my cake because you did not give me one yesterday now you have to give me two yummy cakes
  • Half a heart squid
  • Oh, come on, squid!

How did Lee get here so quick?

Om Nom Nom Nom


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