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The Largest Online Database for the YouTube Gamer Joseph Garrett a.k.a. Stampy!

2nd Anniversary - August 4

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"Please give me a chicken, please give me a chicken, please give me a chicken. How unlucky can we be?"
— Stampy, Tick Tock Episode
955 articles since this Wiki started on August 2013.

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Who is Stampy?
Mr. Stampy Cat (Or Stampylonghead, Stampylongnose, or just plain Stampy), is a YouTube Commentator and Gamer. He is most famous for his Minecraft series, Stampy's Lets Play, on his Stampylonghead Channel. He has also played many other famous games like Slender-man, Call of Duty, Terraria, Mario Kart, Sims 4, and much, much more... Before he got super famous, he has his first Channel, Stampylongnose, on which he uploaded funny videos of him and his friends as well as stop motion animation, music parody videos, game reviews, and CODCasting. While doing this he went to University in Yorkshire, England and eventually got a Degree in Film and Animation. Now he has grown to be the fourth most watched YouTuber in the world and has a whopping 5 million Subscribers on both his channels.

Featured Article
Shoe 4 U is the 314th episode in Stampy's Lovely World. Stampy and Lee make a working treadmill and also encountered their first two customers in this episode. (Read More)

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... His channel was terminated mistakenly by Youtubr on December 2, 2013 for no reason but was later restored by Google?

Latest Videos
Minecraft Xbox - Smelly Swamp -317-23:37

Minecraft Xbox - Smelly Swamp -317-

I Wonder - Episode 11 - Solid, Liquid, or Gas! - WONDER QUEST03:45

I Wonder - Episode 11 - Solid, Liquid, or Gas! - WONDER QUEST

Wonder Quest - Episode 11 - STAMPY’S MINECRAFT SHOW - Stampylonghead14:55

Wonder Quest - Episode 11 - STAMPY’S MINECRAFT SHOW - Stampylonghead

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