The Stampylongnose Wiki is always in need of Helping Hands. The best of the best are chosen or apply to have a Staff Position.

Positions and Jobs

Get to know first our official Staff Positions and their respective roles here at the Stampylongnose Wiki:

POSITION JOB (specific to this wiki)
Bureaucrat To oversee all users and hire good and active users to staff positions. Also has the same abilities as an administrator.
Administrator To oversee the Wiki and make sure that people are following the rules. Also delete useless and offensive pages.
Chat Moderator To oversee the Chat and delete offensive or useless chats.
Moderator To oversee the wiki activity and forum threads. Also has the ability to delete, edit, highlight, and lock threads.
Rollback To "roll back" irrelevant edits with a single click.

How to Apply

Apply by contacting the Founder or a Bureaucrat.



Also, requirements to apply are seen below and must be met to qualify.

Staff Requirements

Minecraft Helpers (4)
Blocked users are not allowed to apply.

Official Staff Requirements

Wiki Directory
Rules and Regulations - Tips and Tricks - Frequently Asked Questions - Staff Members - Admin Guidelines - Staff Application

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