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Episode 120
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Staring Contest was the 120th episode in Stampy's Lovely World Series and the 20th Episode of Season 3.


Stampy goes to his balcony and greets us. Lee comes out and writes on a sign and it says: melon tree. Squid comes in and is seen opening a chest. Lainy x Galaxy comes in too. Stampy goes to the Love Garden and adds Cranny Kart. Stampy then goes to the Doghouse and picks Bengy to take along with him for the rest of the episode. Stampy then goes out and chops a tree. He then sees Squid and Lee having a staring contest. Squid then dresses himself as a pig. He then started to mine and to remove the minecart stations. Stampy replaced it into a Melon Tree by building its trunk first. He then goes to his garden to chop the 2 fat trees. He decides to go to Henry and Hilda's Hangout/Bedroom to check on them. He finds Lainy with Henry at the table. Lee made 2 chairs and a melon at the middle in Stampy's Bedroom. The all slept and continued the construction of the Melon Tree by building the trunk and leaves. They also put some melons and glowstones around it hanging. Stampy says bye with Lainy also trying to say bye and he ends the episode.


Minecraft Xbox- Staring Contest [120]

Minecraft Xbox - Staring Contest 120

Minecraft Xbox - Staring Contest 120