The Submarine is Stampy's transport for underwater adventures, it was only used once in Ocean Adventure


It is a two man submarine with rudders near the entrance and two other rudders near the back. The exterior of the submarine is made mostly of orange and white to match Stampy's skin. The submarine is also meant to look like a clown fish. The interior features a control panel where Stampy can steer the submarine. At the back is a small room where Stampy and his friends can relax in.

Featured VideosEdit

Minecraft Xbox - Ocean Adventure 165

Minecraft Xbox - Ocean Adventure 165

Stampy's third most viewed video

Stampy first began to build it in Episode 164 (Submarine). He finished it between videos and was first used in Episode 165 (Ocean Adventure). In the episode he steers the submarine and discovers Hit the Target's secret underwater base. He saves Mittens and tries to kill Hit the Target but not successful.