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SuperChache39 is a Blue Team member in the "Race to the Moon " series broadcast on iBallisticSquid's  and AshDubh's channel.

He is also a Youtuber in his own right.


Minecraft Xbox skin: Same as PC

Minecraft PC skin: Chache uses an exclusively designed skin which mimics his fun, slightly crazy mentality. Click here to see & download it.

Real Life: SuperChache has done 'vlogs' several times in which he reveals his face. As his Youtube avatar suggests, he does indeed have a beard.

Association with StampyEdit

Chache is only featured in the stampylonghead channel once, which is when Stampy played Nyan Lights. His other connection with Stampy is through the Race to the Moon series in the iBallisticSquid channel.

He is a member of Stampy's team throughout the series, which carried over to 'Mission to Mars'.

As a YoutuberEdit

SuperChache39 (known comically as ''The Bacon Master'') is a Youtuber who has gathered a substantial audience following his connection with the likes of Stampy, Choo Choo, etc. He is a close friend of Choo Choo , and they make frequent cameos on each other's channel.

Chache's videos mainly consist of Minecraft, however other Indie Games are occasionally shown.

Click here to see his Youtube channel.


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