Take The Tooth is a mini-game in the Funland.

Take The Tooth

Take The Tooth






Located at the side of Cat and Mice mini-game, you will see three bedrooms. All of these rooms have their respective colors, and each has a bed at the end. Hiding on the pillow is a pumpkin, in which you will try to sneak into him and get his teeth. The floor is mostly oak planks but some of them has wooden planks, which is the exact color as the floor, so it will be tricky for you on how to pass it.


The aim of the game is to pass a level without waking the pumpkin up. There are three difficulties: Easy, Medium and Hard. On each room, there is only one chance to pass it (but on Easy mode, 3 chances). You need to walk steadily across without stepping into any wooden planks. Once you pass it, proceed to the next level. It be more harder as it looks. After the game ends, the least number of attempts to walk across is the winner.

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