Take The Tooth (episode)
Episode 247
Minecraft Xbox - Take The Tooth -247-

Minecraft Xbox - Take The Tooth -247-

Release Date November 12, 2014
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L for Lee x
Choo Choo (as the) Tooth Fairy
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Take The Tooth is the 247th episode in Stampy's Lovely World.


Stampy starts his day by greeting L for Leeeee x and eating cake. Then they go to the Love Garden to add Miranda, Anya and Dimitri. Then they went to the doghouse to pick Barnaby for the video. Then they went to the Loose Tooth clinic to invite the Tooth Fairy. They all now went to the Funland to play the new game, Take The Tooth. Then they play Bury Berry. He ends the video.

Trivia Edit

  • Choo Choo is seen playing as the tooth fairy when they go to bed.


Minecraft Xbox - Take The Tooth [247]

Minecraft Xbox - Take The Tooth -247-

Minecraft Xbox - Take The Tooth -247-

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