Technical Difficulties
Episode 68
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L for Leeeee x
Euan Mol xD
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People Added to the Love Garden
Forever Joey Ritcher
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Technical Difficulties is the 68th episode. This episode is about where Stampy is gaming but was having glitches in the game but he later apologized for what happened??

Plot Edit

Stampy greets everyone and goes to the Love Garden and adds Forever Joey Ritcher. He then picks Cedric in the Dog House for his dog for the episode. He then continues to build the Crystal Watersmini-game. While he was building it, the screen disappeared and had some glitches while recording it, but the game screen went back and we can now see the video again. Stampy says goodbye and ends the episode.

Video Edit

Minecraft Xbox- Technical Difficulties [68]

Minecraft Xbox - Technical Difficulties 68

Minecraft Xbox - Technical Difficulties 68