The Telly Box is a television broadcasting studio located in Downtown Stampy's Lovely World. The studio is the home of shows such as Lovely World Action News (LWAN) and Quizzy Fizzy. It was built on episodes 403 and 404, with the first broadcast launched on episode 405. It is the only television studio in Stampy's Lovely World and was intentionally built beside the Radio Station to form the Entertainment Section of SLW.

Appearance Edit

The Telly Box itself truly is a massive box and is modeled after a televion screen. The walls have columns of different colors to make it look like a TV Test Card and a black frame. On top of the building is an antenna for television broadcasting. According to Stampy, he originally planned to build a small satelite dish, but that was nearly impossible in the blocky texture of Minecraft. Inside, Stampy ran into the problem of filming lots of things in such a small space. Stampy had an ingenious solution, to divide the inside into four corners: a green screen for filming basically anything, a news studio with a wooden desk and a fake city skyline in the background, and a game show studio with walls decorated with wool and glowstone and tables with buzzers for contestants. The fourth corner was to be where the cameras would be. To easily film one of the three corners, a rail ran on the side of all of them. Then, a minecart with furnace under a dispenser (that Stampy made to look like a moving camera) would run around and film anything easily. A large camera is also faced to the green screen, which Corey usually uses. There is also a small camera facing the Game Show studio. Above the room are the lights which can be turned on/off.

Shows Edit

  • Lovely World Action News (LWAN for short)
  • Quizzy Fizzy

Cast and Crew Edit

Position Name
Director Barnaby
Cameramen Corey


Infomercial Presenter William Beaver
LWAN Newscaster Polly Reindeer
LWAN Reporters William Beaver

Fizzy Elephant

Quizzy Fizzy Host Fizzy Elephant
Quizzy Fizzy Contestants William Beaver

Polly Reindeer

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