Playthrough Information
Let's Play Type Series
Run date(s) 27 March 2013 - 23 April 2014
14 August 2014 - 22 October 2016
Status Hiatus
Playlist (Fan) Terraria Episode Playlist

Terraria was a series that was broadcast weekly on the stampylonghead channel.


Stampy's Terraria Episode 1


The series is a 'Sandbox Series' which means the episodes are created with no real objective or mission, much like the Lovely World videos.

As the title suggests all videos are set inside the Xbox 360 video game 'Terraria' which has a resemblance to Minecraft.

Stampy was usually joined by Lee in every episode, along with other guest appearances from other 'helpers'. Since then they no longer appeared in his videos, and thus, Stampy is playing the game by himself.


The first episode was uploaded on 27th March 2013.

A public vote was given to the future of the series and the majority of viewers that took part voted for a new series to be broadcast to take the place of Terraria until the issues are fixed. The series that is now being uploaded instead is 'Lego: The Hobbit'.

The series returned on 14th August 2014.

The series currently has 163 episodes as of 11th May 2017.

The series is unconfirmed to be discontinued, but the delay may just mean he is waiting for the 1.3 console update.

Episode 1: My First Night

Episode 2: Stampy's Wonderful Hut

Episode 3: The Dangerous Depths

Episode 4: House Extension

Episode 5: Upgrades

Episode 6: The Corruption

Episode 7: Cave Bunny

Episode 8: I'm Rich

Episode 9: Jedi Friends

Episode 10: Super Gerbil

Episode 11: Eye Of Cthulhu

Episode 12: Underground Jungle

Episode 13: Glowing Cave

Episode 14: Bluey The Slime

Episode 15: Walking On Water

Episode 16: Floating Island

Episode 17: Skeletron

Episode 18: Shiny Red Balloon

Episode 19: Invisible Man

Episode 20: Googlies Galore

Episode 21: Goblin Army

Episode 22: Purple Daze

Episode 23: The Waiting Game

Episode 24: Bound Goblin

Episode 25: Surprise Attack

Episode 26: Eater Of Worlds

Episode 27: Raining Zombies

Episode 28: King Slime

Episode 29: Frost Legion

Episode 30: Final Showdown

Episode 31: Basement Simulator

Episode 32: Basement Bar

Episode 33: Trip To Hell

Episode 34: The Underworld

Episode 35: Voodoo Magic

Episode 36: Bluey's Room

Episode 37: Great Hall

Episode 38: Stampy's Hot Buns

Episode 39: Inside Garden

Episode 40: A New Adventure

Episode 41: Upside Down

Episode 42: Tree House

Episode 43: Eyes Everywhere

Episode 44: Four Rooms

Episode 45: Giant Worms

Episode 46: Lee's Room

Episode 47: Library

Episode 48: Flying And Shooting

Episode 49: First Mechanism

Episode 50: Walking Cactus

Episode 51: Watery Caves

Episode 52: Fantastic Fortune

Episode 53: Squid's Slippery Room

Episode 54: Evil Snowmen

Episode 55: Santa's Grotto

Episode 56: Blade Of Grass

Episode 57: Hellforge

Episode 58: Too Much Stuff

Episode 59: I Give Up

Episode 60: Battling Squid

Episode 61: Muramasa

Episode 62: Lee's World

Episode 63: The Last Chest

Episode 64: Night's Edge

Episode 65: Ivy Whip

Episode 66: Sky Arena

Episode 67: Dodging Darts

Episode 68: Battle Tournament

Episode 69: Googlie Pit

Episode 70: Diving Gear

Episode 71: Teasing Man Eaters

Episode 72: A New Beginning

Episode 73: Wall Of Flesh

Episode 74: Underworld Bridge

Episode 75: Rematch

Episode 76: Greenhouse

Episode 77: Gardening

Episode 78: Lashings Of Lava

Episode 79: A New World

Episode 80: Winter Wonderland

Episode 81: Giant Spiders

Episode 82: Lihzahrd

Episode 83: Queen Bee

Episode 84: Dungeon Trinkets

Episode 85: Snow Box

Episode 86: Costumes

Episode 87: Biome Boxes

Episode 88: Slime Bunnies

Episode 89: Many Mannequins

Episode 90: Mannequins Makeover

Episode 91: Brain Of Cthulhu

Episode 92: Brain Battle

Episode 93: Christmas Crazy

Episode 94: Pet Puppy

Episode 95: We Did It! (In this episode stampy transfers to hardmode)

Episode 96: Cobalt Drill

Episode 97: Enchanted Sword

Episode 98: Bound Wizard

Episode 99: Beam Sword

Episode 100: Adamantite Forge

Episode 101: An Old Enemy

Episode 102: Wyverns

Episode 103: Pirate Attack

Episode 104: Captain Morgan

Episode 105: Angel Wings

Episode 106: Souls Of Night

Episode 107: The Destroyer

Episode 108: Steampunker

Episode 109: Lots Of Bosses

Episode 110: Steam Style

Episode 111: The Twins

Episode 112: Diddly Squat

Episode 113: Power Glove

Episode 114: Avenger Emblem

Episode 115: Mechanical Skull

Episode 116: Skeleton Prime

Episode 117: Catching Critters

Episode 118: Bunny Hutch

Episode 119: So Many Birds

Episode 120: Collecting Cutlass

Episode 121: Life Fruit

Episode 122: Mushroom House

Episode 123: Truffle

Episode 124: Goodie Bags

Episode 125: Heart Lanterns

Episode 126: Ninja Turtle

Episode 127: Frostburn

Episode 128: Megashark

Episode 129: Party Bullets

Episode 130: Feeling Festive

Episode 131: Minecart

Episode 132: Fishing

Episode 133: Angler

Episode 134: Robot Stampy

Episode 135: Pickaxe Axe

Episode 136: Chlorophyte

Episode 137: Excalibur

Episode 138: Solar Eclipse

Episode 139: Turtle Armor

Episode 140: Plantera

Episode 141: Ectoplasma

Episode 142: Suspicious Skull

Episode 143: Coward

Episode 144: Not Again

Episode 145: Positive Outlook

Episode 146: Jungle Temple

Episode 147: Golem

Episode 148: Party Room

Episode 149: My Old Enemy

Episode 150: Truffle Worm

Episode 151: Duke Fishron

Episode 152: Pharaoh's Mask

Episode 153: Shoe Spikes

Episode 154: Climbing Claws

Episode 155: I'm So Powerful

Episode 156: Boss Hunting

Episode 157: Terra Blade

Episode 158: Inferno Fork

Episode 159: The Big Battle

Episode 160: Dodging Duke

Episode 161: My Last Chance

Episode 162: Pumpkin Moon

Episode 163: Frost Moon

Episode 164: Coming Soon...

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