Terry is a dog on Squid's Sky Island Challenge. He is Stampy's dog and was tamed not far from the Sky Island. It was the night before Stampy and Squid defeated the Enderdragon that Terry, a wild wolf, was tamed.

Terry the Dog
First Appeared: Squid's Sky Island Challenge-Mr Enderdragon-70
Last Episode Seen:
Status: Deceased

Alive (Sky Den) Dead or despawned (Cave Den)

Type of Mob: Dog (Formerly Wolf)
Episode Died:

Life Edit

Terry was born at Squids Sky Island Challenge, near the island on the ground. Squid first named the dog Experiment I, but Stampylongnose called him Terry (Terrance). Terry was then taken to the end portal and shoved into the End. He was killed while in the end portal. Terry lived a short and bad life.

Death Confusion Edit

As Terry died, Squid didn't know that Terry died. Stampy said they had entered the End. Terry had died unpleasantly.

Advice Edit

Pets can't go to the End. Don't take your pet to the End, if you play Minecraft.

Terry was never respected however. His taming was just a joke.

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