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Episode 92
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The First Cake is the 92nd episode inside of Stampy's Lovely World. It links to Episode 100.

Plot Edit

Stampy bakes the first cake in Stampy's Hot Buns, then goes on a search for his dogs. Barnaby, the only dog left in his Dog House, 'sniffs' the dogs out and Stampy realizes Hit the Target stole them, Stampy then rescues them. He then tries to bring them back to safety, but fall into a trap. Hit the Target]] nearly kills Stampy but the Stampy from a later video, Cat to the Future, saves Stampy.


  • It is one of Hit the Target's battle appearances.
  • This is the first HTT episode not to feature Lee Bear since his debut.
  • The Stampy from Episode 100 appeared in the episode, making it episodes 92 and 100 occur at the same time, which means that a foreshadow to it has made as well.
  • When Stampy goes to to his balcony during his intro, you can catch a glimpse of Stampy from Cat to the Future on the left.


Minecraft Xbox- First Cake [92]

Minecraft Xbox - The First Cake 92-3

Minecraft Xbox - The First Cake 92-3

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