The Hit the Target War is the only war in Stampy's Lovely World to ever occur and still goes strong to this day.

History and Future Outcomes Edit

The two armies fighting are Stampy's army and Hit the Target rebel group (Which is only Hit the Target and Veeva Dash usually). They have been fighting ever since episode forty-two Unexpected Drama. There has only been one dog death, a few player deaths, and a few clone deaths. Luckily, the battle hasn't become deadly since Hit the Target only strikes about every 20-50 episodes and no major weapons such as battleships,"Except the SS Stampy and a small now destroyed ship of Hit the Target." and giant bombs have been used. These things will probably be used in the future. It is surprising that Hit the Target hasn't destroyed any of Stampy's property since Stampy destroyed part of Hit the Target's old fortress. The war ended for awhile after Hit the Target said that he was trying to save Stampy's dogs since he had already lost almost 10 under his care, but Hit the Target was proven evil when Stampy found his secret layer under his new house with all of his dogs, except Barnaby in cages. They soon started fighting after that. The house still stands untouched. The battle still goes on and will probably go on until the end of Stampy's Lets Play. Then one day Hit the Target tunnels under his house. Stampy finds out and goes through the tunnel leading to Hit the Target's secret base. When Hit the Target gets to Stampy's house the untouched house was set on fire. Hit the Target also kidnapped Stampy or his Minecraft Helpers to aid in his terrorist schemes, such as forcing Lee Bear to bake cakes non-stop or capturing Polly Reindeer to make a robotic doppelgänger to avoid suspicion.

Weaponry Edit

At first it was normal minecraft weapons like TNT and bows but after Cat To The Future S.L.W's weaponry levels has started advancing and now battle ship destroyers, submarines, clones and even armed and armored air-crafts are being used.

Battles Edit

  • Attack on stampy's house [42] won
  • Doggy battle [92] won
  • Operation: Blast from the past [100] won
  • Battle of the Stampy Sea [124] won
  • Rescue attack [165] won
  • Clone attack [184] lost
  • battle over Stampy's Lovely World [212] won
  • Rescue attack II [261] won
  • Easter Attack [291] won
  • Drown attack [320] lost
  • Fire attack [338] won
  • Whither attack [355] won
  • Teleporter attack [375] won
  • Brain atttack [386] won
  • Horse attack [400] won
  • Town war [418]
  • coffe attack [438]
  • laser ship attack [455] won
  • mistake attack [472]
  • reverse attack [500]
  • voice attack [526] won
  • rescue attack II [541 and 542] won
  • robot clone attack [575] won
  • robot clone attack II [580] won