The Walking Dead is a video game that is played by Joseph Garrett. His gameplays of this game are posted on his channel Stampylonghead

Game DescriptionEdit

Stampy's playable character is Lee Everett. Lee Everett is a former teaher who commited a crime by murdering a senator because Lee's wife cheated on Lee.  Stampy meets many characters who try to survive the new world that they are on, including a kid named Clementine. Stampy controls Lee and determines his choices.



The zombies are the main enemies of The Walking Dead. They are the main problem with the group during Stampy's gameplay. 


The cannibals is a family that consists of 3 people. They are a problem during Episode 2.


The bandits are one of the human enemies of Lee's group. They will try to kill the player during Episode 3. 


Crawford is a community that is mentioned in Episode 4. The people live there are only men because of the survival of the fittest rule. Stampy must kill some of them to get inside and escape Georgia.

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