Tikka (Right) and Bowser (Left)
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First appearance: Googlies Trap
Last appearance: Shooting Range
Status: Dead

Alive (Sky Den)

Type of mob: Wolf (Dog)
Color of collar: Red (Default)

Tikka was one of Stampy's dogs. Her name was suggested by Stampy himself and his ex-girlfriend, Melanie Candy.

Early Life Edit

Tikka wasn't a very well known dog like Barnaby or Oreo so she didn't appear in many episodes of Stampy's Lovely World, but she still appeared in a fair share of episodes. In Unexpected Drama, she fought with Oreo and Lucky against Hit The Target.


Tikka died in the episode Shooting Range while Stampy was riding the Creeper Coaster before building his new mini-game Pew Pew Shooting Range. Sometime in the middle of the ride, she was set on fire after she teleported into lava and presumably burnt to death.

Trivia Edit