Timmy's Face, created by Stampy and Squid
First Appeared: Quest To Kill The Ender Dragon
Status: Alive
Type of Mob: Villager
  Timmy is a Villager who lives in a village in the 'Quest series'.

Life Edit

Quest to kill the Ender Dragon Edit

Timmy first appeared in 'Quest to kill the Ender Dragon' in 'Timmy and his mum' where Squid "rescued" Timmy from the well. Timmy's mum then gave Squid the keys to the pirate ship.Timmy was then mentioned in 'The Battle'. Timmy was then seen in 'Quest to party' just as Squid put on the Dragon egg on the platform.

Quest Series Edit

Timmy then appeared at the the start of 'Quest To Find The Perfect Cave'. Timmy was at the start of 'Quest Of Magic Enchanting' In a crater that Squid refereed to as "his new home". He made a dramatic appearance in 'Quest For Music'. Then in the end of 'Quest To Enter The Zoom Temple'. Timmy appeared for the rest of the series.

In "Quest for Melon Face", he disappears from his house. Stampy and Squid search all over for him, until they find him enjoying himself on a minecart on the tracks in the first floor of Abfgern's house. This starts a running gag when a zombie senses him circling on the first floor, and because it can't climb ladders, starts "dancing" on the ground floor.

Family Edit

Timmy's dead family are almost extinct. The most notable dead one is Timmy's mum but is still alive in a mountain.

Trivia Edit

  • It is unknown where Timmy was living before Stampy made his house.
  • Someone is related to Timmy via the green eyes.
  • In 'Quest To Save Timmy Again', Timmy was inside the reinforced well.
NPCs in Quest Series


Timmy · Timmy's Mom

Iron Golems

Abfgern · Raftog

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