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Turbo Types

Turbo Types

Turbo Types is a game in Stampy's Funland.


The game is mostly visible from the outside. There are three wool podiums next to each other, with a deep hole to bedrock next to each one. On each wool podium is a sign with either 'ABC', '123', or 'Fox' written on it. There is a red building behind the podiums with an iron door that can only be opened from the outside. The area is barred by fences and has a floor made almost entirely of grass.


The aim of the game is to type as much as possible. Two people can play the game at once, and they stand either side of a podium armed with signs. When the time starts, they run to the podium, put down the sign and fall down the hole. The hole has water in, which allows them to slowly drift down. While they are drifting down, the menu to type the sign will appear.

The person must type using the Xbox typing screen as much as they can according to the podium they were on; If the sign said 'ABC' they must type the alphabet, if the sign said '123' they must type numbers, and if the sign said 'Fox' they must type the sentence 'The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog'. When they have typed as much as they dare to, they can exit the menu and jump to the ladder in the hole, which will take them back up again. If they don't do this in time, they will drop down the end of the water into the 'Typo Tunnel', which means they can't complete any more levels. There is a ladder from the tunnel. They can climb up to the surface again, and are stuck inside a room until someone lets them out.

At the end of the round, the amount of individual characters typed by each person is counted up. The winner is the person who typed the most characters. This game is a cat hazard because Stampy hit the ground too hard here.

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