Turbo Types

Turbo Types

Turbo Types is a game in Stampy's Funland.


What it is 1

Turbo Types is a game in Stampy's Funland that both tests your typing speed and your bravery against other players!


How it is used 1

In Turbo Types, you are against one other player. There are three things to type: numbers (123), the alphabet (abc) and the sentence "the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" (Fox).

Turbo types 1

When the gamed starts, the two players jump into a deep hole full of water and place down a sign. Whilst they are slowly sinking, they must type out the characters mentioned above.

At any point, they can stop typing, jump out of the water and ascend up the ladder to the next category. However, if they do not do this in time and instead fall down the entire length of the hole, (Also known as typo tunnel), they will be stuck and no longer eligible to compete.

When both players have done all that they can, they must count up the amount of characters that they typed in total throughout the three categories. The person with the most characters typed is the winner.


When it was made 1

Turbo Types was constructed and played in the following episodes:

"Turbo Types" [166] - 5th February 2014

"Victory Dance" [167] - 8th February 2014

"Turbo Champion" [168] - 12th February 2014


Trivia 1

• The sentence "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" contains all the letters in the english alphabet.


Videos 1
Minecraft Xbox - Turbo Types 16624:51

Minecraft Xbox - Turbo Types 166

Minecraft Xbox - Victory Dance -167-21:17

Minecraft Xbox - Victory Dance -167-

Minecraft Xbox - Turbo Champion -168-22:46

Minecraft Xbox - Turbo Champion -168-

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