So, I basically left the wiki over 2 years ago, but I posted all the time in 2014. My blogs were really cringy, but oh well. I remember I "left" the wiki in September of 2014 but came back like 9 days later because I thought nobody cared about me here (probably because I was only just 12) but it was really good, the comments were so nice on how nobody wanted to leave. But, anyway, I was giong through all my old blogs and it was so weird. So many of them were from 3 years ago, and it's just so weird I used to be on wiki all the time...

I don't watch Stampy anymore, I watched him a bit in 2016, but I stopped, I grew out of that, it kind of sucks to see his channel is less popular now, but it's cool that he's fine with it and he's still happy and everything. I wish him good luck in his career!

I know I was so cringy in 2014, I'll probably lurk around here sometimes. Oh, and I made myself a main helper last year just as a joke and forgot to remove it. The owner should look into that, people can make themselves admin. (Like I did in 2014 HAHA)

I miss wiki though, and I want to go onto a new one, but I don't know which one, make suggestions if you can/want.

OH, I forgot, I'm going into 10th grade next month and it's so weird seeing me "go into middle school" which was 7th grade. Time flows so fast and it's honestly scary.

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