The StampyLongHead Show is an animated comedy television series based of Stampy's Minecraft videos. It is created by Joshua Stacey


The series focuses on the characters such as Stampy, L For Lee and iBallasticSquid having little adventures where it's either in Stampy's Lovely World or somewhere far away. They also have advents and chaos happning in Stampy's Lovely World.


So far there have been 320 (onwards) fully planned episodes, there are other planned episodes but they are not fully planned. The episode's length is 11 minutes long like most cartoon shows. The creator of the show has thought of 14 seasons for the series, like Stampy's Lovely World series the seasons contain 50 episodes, in the television series however the seasons have a diffrent amount of episodes, there are some seasons that have 50 episodes but most of them have a diffrent amount. There are diffrent types of episodes such as 11 minute episodes, specials, holiday episodes and TV movies.


Another thing the series has, is a series of future length films. Like Thomas And Friends, there is a new film with every new season every year. 

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