Hello guys, second blog, yay...

And before we start, I just wanna to let you know that I am suprised that still people don't understand that Stampy doesn't go to this wikia. So yeah, heart broken for you guys and put the tears in the sink.

Now it's time for possibly the most contreversal topic I might explain. As you might now, L for Lee isn't in the lovely world now does he appears (nor does he makes a single cameo) in a Stampy video. Why? Well read this blog created by another user

If you mighrt wanna know, it's kinda sad to hear this news in the past but now we are in the present and it's the year we still get sad to hear this. But except for me, instead of hearing this news and be sad, I just opull of my hair and facepalm. Why you may ask? Because it's still at thing and yet nobody and I mean nobody even puts this contreversy in the coffin and dig a grave. 

This news, it's boring. Why is everyone still keeping this? Yes of course we miss L for Lee and will never come back because of his reputation but seriousely guys, it's time to kick it out of the window. And BTW, this is a fan-favourite character we are talking about in a popular youtuber. 

Whenever I hear this (well sometimes), I feel like that it's never locked in a safe. It's time leave this and put this in isolation. 

It's not sad anymore, it's not even news-worthy and it's not even worth-talking about anymore. All it is that it's gonna be used as a flamewar. The End, lets not talk about this. 

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