Ever since the season 2 finale of Wonder Quest came out 4 months ago, I've been coming up with ideas for what the next season has in store for us. Here's a tiny list of what me (and my brother) have in mind.

Cameron's Idea: Stampy and Keen get ahold of a dimension warping machine that can transport them to different dimensions in the multiverse. The problem is, however, that a mysterious villain has taken away each dimensions' wondering. Now the reassembled duo have to travel to each dimension and bring back each one's wonder.

My Idea: One of Stampy's greatest enemies has come to Wonderberg with a burning vengeance and is literally sucking out the citizens' wonder and personality as they are turned into much more evil versions of themselves. As the corrupted citizens began to slowly destroy the town, Keen called Stampy in just in time to save the day! But the question is, who even is this mysterious villain? Why, Hit the Target, of course! The reassembled team now have to scavenge down where HTT's newly built fortress is while encountering some special guests along the way. Also, it's a musical. Because logic.

If anybody has a different idea of what they have in mind for Wonder Quest Season 3, feel free to leave your ideas down in the comments!

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