I am Filipino. Kamusta! You may know that from my profile. It also says I live in Metro Manila, aka The World's Biggest Parking Lot. But that's the closest you have to finding my exact location, because I want to keep my life private. It's an urban area of more than 20 million residents, so good luck trying to find where the heck I am.

What I want to talk about is something I've noticed. There are just way too much Filipinos who watch Stampy, more than I expect. When I started talking about Stampy internationally, I thought I would be the only Filipino. Turns out, alot of you guys are Filipino. Maybe even 25% of Stampy's subscribers are Filipino. It's insane. One out of eight kids I meet are Stampy fans. It seems Stampy has a huge following here.

I'll explain the reasons why this is happening. First and most obviously, the Philippines, once a colony of the United States for 45 years has had a significant amount of American infulence. One of their legacies is that 1 out of 3 Filipinos can speak basic American English. We are the most English-speaking nation in Asia. And we just love Americans. According to some sources, we have the most American-friendly population in the world. So it makes obvious sense that we understand Stampy because he speaks Emglish, a national language here. I'm sure there are also Malaysian viewers because they were colonised by the British so the latter may have left some English influence.

Another important thing is population. Globally, we're ranked 12th for most populated countries, which amounts to 100 million. We have 3% the land of the United States but 30% population, meaning we are more densely populated than most nations. Not only that but 10% of us work abroad, mostly in California which, together with Mexico we're slowly invading. I'm sure a Californian has met a Filipino before. One thing i'd also point out is China, with a whopping 1 billion people. Why do you never see that much Chinese Stampy Fans? This is because both YouTube and Minecraft are banned in China. I heard Minecraft's gonna get there soon but for now, no Chinese Minecafters.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to like and comment. I will now ne doing a blog like this each month to keep you guys updated. Have Fun!

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