Stampylongnose - we all know him. If you don't know him, then what the heck are you doing here? A person who has entertained 7 million people deserves an honor. I've decided to talk about his effect on this world.

Back at 2006, young and enthustianstic barman Joseph Garrett definitely did not expect all of this. Now, look! He is basically a YouTube star, an icon of Minecraft gaming. He is the inspiration of thousands of aspiring fans. We all have to thank not just Stampy, but Garrett himself for bringing such interesting things we can enjoy in our lives. He may not be the biggest gamer, but in my opinion he id the most inspiring.

Stampy definitely has a long-lasting effect on one example: the Love Garden. There are so much gamers who have copied Stampy's concept of putting a fan's name in a sign. Examples are: Squaishey Quack's Feather Friends Pond, StacyPlays' Dalmation Plantation, JackFrostMiner's Subscriber Palace, and many more. Even good ol' Leebear has one in his world, although I forgot the name. Stampy also was feautered in the YouTubers Mod, and has been to Minecon multiple times. He has been nominated in the Kid's Choice Awards for UK Favorite Tipster twice, but both times he lost to TheDiamondMinecart. He was feautered in BBC and Rhett and Link's Ear Biscuits podcast, wherein he discusses how he met Squaishey. Speaking of Podcasts, he has made two of them, Stampy's Lovely Podcast and the Magic Animal Club Podcast, where aside from Stampy also feauteres iBalisticSquid, his best friend, but he is just one of many friends Stampy has met. He has even affected his sister Netty, who inspired her to make her own channel. Overall, we can all agree that Stampy has affected the lives of millions.

Thanks for taking your time to read and understand. Feel free to like and comment. Have fun! :)

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