Hi Guys! This is my first blog post. I'm a new contributor so hopefully you guys would accept me into the community. I would like to share something that has been talked about for a while now.

As you know, YouTube can sometimes lead to serious consequences. One example of this is Stampy's friend, L for Lee, also known as Leebear or just Lee. If you watch Stampy's old Lovely World videos, you probably know him by now. In real life, he is Lee Carson, part of Stampy's close entourage of friends. You may notice though that on some of the Stampylonghead videos where Lee is on, there is a disclaimer on the description that says the Leebear character on that video is not played by Lee Carson. At first thought lots of questions can come to your mind. Why does'nt Lee Carson play Leebear?

That's just the tip of the iceburg. This is all part of a big crime that involves real-life police and close relatives. Before 2014, Stampy liked Lee Carson. After all, he seemed like a good person. He was a celebrity in YouTube with a channel of more that 300,000 subs. But that all changed when local police in England discovered a crime linked to Lee. As it turns out, he threatened his aunt and a 14-year old. I don't know if he got arrested, but his reputation went on a drop. Stampy, as part of his family-friendly personality, cut all ties to Lee as it would be weird for a friendly, compassionate person would be friends with a criminal. He knew having Lee would ruin his public image. Therefore, all videos with Lee in Stampy's channel were played by someone else. The L for Lee charcter finally left the Lovely World on episode 339, around 50 episodes after the incident. It was a shock to old fans who liked Lee. Although Stampy has not said the real reason why Leebear was kicked out, but it is most likely that Stampy was tired of having to deal with hate comments and decided to just forget him. Ever since then Lee has never appeared in any videos or vlogs.

I hope you understand everything. These are just my opinions about Lee and are not guaranteed to be 100% true. Thank you for giving time to read and understand.

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