I'm back from my very long hiatus. 


Slow down the addition of pages. We need to edit and fill a lot of information in each page.

Our goal is to first expand the stubs first, then mostly the episodes. The pictures can be provided later. Edits first.

We also need to be detailed in the articles. Categorize each page. But not too many categories. The limit of categories is 4. I will also fix some templates. Most important: Comments about messages for Stampy. Stampy WILL NOT answer them, I'm sorry. 

Also, provide much better pictures if you guys have. I need to clean up the forum, and blog posts then organize the pictures' file name. Unnecessary pages will be deleted, violations against the rules will make admins block the users who do so, and fixing the pages' formats. I will also fix the wiki's css, and the appearance of the wiki ASAP. This will take time for all to accomplish.

Over the summer, we can accomplish these goals one by one. We can do this!


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