Sup! I'm UPgraded. If you aren't smart, then you don't know who I am (Hopefully you do (*^-‘) 乃). So as a heads up, I will introduce myself.


Me during teh summer

I am a fan of Stampylongnose and have been for a long time. I'm also an aspiring YouTube (But we all know how that might turn out ) and author. I have written books such as Apocalypse Matters and Fanfics for Sonic and Bionicle. As you may guess, I edit on this Wiki and contribute to it as much as I can so you can get as much info on Stampy and his friends as possible while the Site Administrators are taking a nap (Not literally). But there are some things that I have to do other than edit on this Wiki.

Here is a list you probably don't want to read:

Things I Have to do Other Than Snoop Around Stampy's Lovely Wiki

  • Sonic Fanfiction; I have a Cringy Sonic Fanfiction that I work on sometimes and it takes time
  • Bionicle Fanfiction; Ditto
  • Family stuff; My family has fallen on some hard times, but we are doing as best as we can right now :)
  • Write a book; yes I have book

So ya, that's happening. Bye now, see you never!

Bye King Ghidorqj-fqwkf'ew

Just, kidding you can always (meh) find me contributing to this Lovely Wiki! Mostly in the afternoon to night times.

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