Waste Place is a building in Stampy's Lovely World.


Located in Downtown just near the mountain that separates Downtown from the Funland, it is made out of white, gray and cyan wool designed just to be like a futuristic plant. The exterior has a glass wall to see the inside, while the sides have a cool design to match with the futuristic design. The interior has now the main machinery to recycle or incinerate the things you want. It also features a cute robot named Michael, and he is the main feature of the machinery. It is lightened with redstone lamps powered by levers.

How it WorksEdit

You put your things you want in the small platform and pull the lever to raise the item(s) up the tube and flow it within the water. As the water flows, you can choose whether the item(s) you put in can be recycled or incinerated and turn the droppers on or off. Once you do all these things, the item(s) you've put will be either be recycled: It will drop the item out and land on a hopper to put them into a chest; or be incinerated: It will drop the item out and land on a short water while flowing to the lava and burn them.

Waste Place (building)

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