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"Hello everybody. My name is Stampy."
— Stampy, Intro of his pilot episode
Welcome To Stampy's Lovely World
Episode 1
Release Date May 19,2012
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Stampy's First Home
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Welcome To Stampy's Lovely World is the first episode inside of Stampy's Lovely World. It is the pilot episode of his Minecraft Let's Play series. It is also the 1st episode in Stampy's Lovely World Begins.


Stampy introduces himself for the first time and introduces us to his new Minecraft world.


Stampy greets his audience and he tells his reason why he played Minecraft, because his friends were playing Minecraft and many YouTubers played it so he decided to play it too. When he decides to create a world, he names his world Stampy's Lovely World.

He starts getting used to the terrain and controls since the controls in Minecraft Xbox 360 version is really hard. He attacks a sheep and it drops wool because he plays the first version of Minecraft Xbox 360 version. He kills a pig and it drops 2 raw porkchops, which were split. Stampy attacked few sheep to get wool for the bed.

He finds a tree and start destroying it. After that, he crafts a crafting table and crafts an axe and a pickaxe. He creates a cave in a part of a hill. Then it starts to get dark, so he crafts a bed and sleeps in it. Then a zombie wakes him up.

Then he goes back to bed. He then gets woken up by a spider. He decides not to go back in the bed as he had been woken up twice by googles. Then it starts to become morning. He exits the cave and sees a creeper, causing him to swear. He says bye and ends the video.



  • Skeleton

While Stampy is is exploring his Lovely World, he finds a skeleton. They battle, and he wins.

  • Zombie

When Stampy attempts to sleep he is attacked by a Zombie and kills it.

  • Spider

When Stampy attempts to sleep again he is awoken by a Spider.

  • Creeper

While Stampy is about about to end the video, he finds a Creeper. He just runs away as he is on three and a half hearts.

Passive Mobs

  • Pig
  • Cow
  • Sheep
  • Chicken


Stampy has no helpers in this video.


Stampy has no pets in this video.


Stampy has no significant items in this video.

Bad Words

WARNING: If you are a child it is recommended to not read this Section as it has swears in it.

  • Oh my god (5 times)
  • S*** (3 times)
  • F***ed
  • F***
  • F***ing


  • First appearence of Stampylonghead.
  • This is one of the episodes where Stampy ****s.
  • It is the only episode where Stampy has no form of house.
  • Stampy got no sleep this episode due to have been woken up by a Zombie and Spider being brought by the bed glitch.
  • This is Stampy's first SLW episode.
  • This is the first episode on the stampylonghead channel.
  • Stampy kills his first chicken, pig, zombie, and spider in this episode.
  • This is Stampy's first time playing Minecraft.
  • This is Stampy's first Minecraft world.


Minecraft Xbox- Welcome to Stampy's Lovely World [1]

Minecraft - Welcome To Stampy's Lovely World 1-123:47

Minecraft - Welcome To Stampy's Lovely World 1-1

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