Whale Of A Time
Episode 239
Minecraft Xbox - Whale Of A Time 23920:39

Minecraft Xbox - Whale Of A Time 239

Release Date October 18, 2014
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Whale Of A Time is the 239th episode of Stampy's Lovely World series.Which Lee Bear is always featured 


Stampy, Lee, Choo Choo, and Sqaishey Do The Hop and Splash. Then they have a Tournament for the Whale of a Time Mini-game and afterwards play Sharky Shark.

When they play Whale of a Time, Stampy decides that whoever loses, will be out and stop playing that game. After Sqaishey, Choo Choo was out. Lee continuously getting yellow and Stampy kept getting red. Stampy gets black and lands in black and after that Lee failed on the yellow where he lands in the edge of the yellow one and failed to get Stampy's goals.

Trivia Edit

  • The picture of this episode was the one that Stampy accidentally used on Episode 232, Danger Zone.
  • It is likely that Stampy recorded this video a month ago because of the first picture used in Danger Zone.

Video Edit

Minecraft Xbox- Whale of Time [239]

Minecraft Xbox - Whale Of A Time 23920:39

Minecraft Xbox - Whale Of A Time 239

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