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Funland, Stampy's Lovely World

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Stampy Cat
L for Lee x
Sqaishey Quack

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Player Launcher
Whale Of A Time


Whale of a Time is a mini-game built inside the Funland.


The whole game is set outside. At the front of the minigame is an orca or a killer whale. Inside the orca is a TNT launcher which flies the player up into the sky when activated, but in this game's case, it is made so it will look like the water blowing out the blowhole. The zones are located in the lake and has different colors: Red, Lime Green, Yellow, Magenta and the hardest, Black. A dispenser in front of the game determines the coloured zone the player has to land in.


The player goes to a dispenser and presses the button, and a coloured wool will come out in which the player has to land in. The player then has to go inside the orca and activate the TNT launcher, and has to try to land on the colour the player gets from the dispenser. The colours mentioned above are easy targets, except for the colour black - it is placed at the far end and therefore, the hardest zone. If there are more players, it is a sudden death challenge - one of the players will be out once they land in the wrong zone. Last person standing wins.


However Stampy had a problem where the water was too shallow, so in the episode Player Launcher, during the tester-go session, Chloe and Lee lands on the edges of the color plates and Stampy got magneta and he decided to set a challenge for himself. If he had landed in the purple plate even if he died, he will consider that as passing.

After the said episode, they all dig down one lower. Stampy said in the next episode (Whale Of A Time), it took "ages" ago, even though it look like it took it for many minutes.

Stampy said in a video that the game doesn't work anymore as it was patched in an update where the TNT Player Launcher doesn't work anymore.


The game ranked #10 in Stampy's Top 10 Mini-Games and ranked #1 in his Top 10 Broken Mini-games.

Featured VideosEdit

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Minecraft Xbox - Orca 237

While building the Orca

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Minecraft Xbox - Player Launcher 238

While building the zones

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Minecraft Xbox - Whale Of A Time 239