Wizard Keen
First Appearance: Old School (333)
Last Appearance: Stone Maker (384)
Username: Unknown
Nicknames: Unknown
Gallery: "Unknown"
Wizard Keen, also known as Adam Clarke in real life, is a character and is the deurotagonist of Wonder Quest. He is controlled and voiced by the real person he plays.

Appearance Edit

Keen wears a Willy Wonka-style outfit, containing a purple coat with yellow sleeve cuffs, pink trousers with a brown belt and golden buckle, a light blue bowtie, and a green shirt with golden buttons near the bottom. He has gray hair with slight hints of blue, lavender and pink. Keen has red eyes with neon green ringlets on the top; however, in I Wonder, Keen has dark brown eyes while his outfit and hair stay true to his Minecraft skin.

Personality Edit


Association with Stampy Edit

Adam Clarke started collaborating with Stampy in Wonder Quest. Soon after, he was featured in Stampy's Lovely World for a few episodes as the character "Wizard Keen". He also has involvement in a Stampy Short episode Don't Press The Button in which he voiced a super computer.

Stampy also has presence in Clarke's channel. He was featured in Clarke's video, "When Stampy Came to Tea" along with Squid.

Wonder Quest Edit

Adam Clarke is known for playing Wizard Keen, the deuteragonist, and a good wizard who assists Stampy in most of their quests.

Spells Edit

  • Blockus Choppus: Allows him to cut anything into a fraction of its original size.
  • Heinous Warmus: A common spell used by Keen and his brother, allowing them to shoot massive fireballs. It can also be used to automaticlly set people on fire.
  • Stampikus Shrinkus: Used only once, allowing both him and a certain person to shrink down in a blast of yellow light for a short period of time. The effects are only temporary.
  • Reverso: Allows him to reverse any spell that the caster makes.
  • Teleportus Maximus: Used only once, allowing him and a few other people to travel to a different area almost instantly. They start to glow and fuzz out and soon drop out of the sky from their chosen location.
  • Weather changing: He cannot yet use it yet, but has stated he will most likely be able to change the weather differently.
  • Summonus Hero: Used only once, allows him to summon a hero ( Stampy),the hero will fall into a portal and soon drop out of the sky near the summoner.

Trivia Edit

  • His real name is Adam Clarke.
  • His trademark favorite food is mushroom stew.
  • He appeared in Stampy's Lovely World once.
  • In real life, he has a son named Django, who often appears in videos on his channel, Adam Clarke.