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Wonder Quest is a YouTube edutainment children's web series starring Stampy and Wizard Keen. The series was created by Joseph Garrett and Disney's Maker Studios.


Wonder Quest

Season 1

Stampy and Wizard Keen try to save the town of Wonderberg from his evil brother, Heinous, who attempts to stop people from wondering by destroying the Wonder Gem. The duo must find the five wonderments to bring them back together while they encounter troubles along the way.

Season 1 started on 25th April 2015 and ended on 11th July 2015 with 12 episodes. It featured a number of guests, including voice actress Grey DeLisle, and YouTubers AmyLee33, StacyPlays, iBallisticSquid, and EvanTubeHD.

Season 2

After their last adventure, the duo received an invitation from the Society of Wonderers. Priscilla, the Head Wonderer, charges the duo to spread wonder and guard the town from evil. They then encounter a rejected member of the society named Rama, who changed the past to stop the greatest wonderers from wondering. Thanks to a time machine, the duo now attempts to bring back wonder to the present.

Season 2 started on 20th August 2016 and ended on 5th November 2016 with 12 episodes. It once again featured a number of guest YouTubers, including Hank Green, Minecraft YouTubers Sqaishey Quack, Martyn Littlewood, LDShadowLady, and DanTDM, and popular duo Rhett & Link.

I Wonder

These videos are fully animated, and are focused on investigating educational topics explored in each Wonder Quest episode. They are released with every Wonder Quest episode and also stars Stampy and Wizard Keen.

Side Quest

In this series, Stampy explores the world of Wonderberg with Wizard Keen and other featured guests. They are released on the stampylonghead channel and use the Let's Play format.

Wonder Quest 360

In this series, Stampy and Wizard Keen explore the town of Wonderberg in 360 degrees, and these videos include fun activities and mini-games.



  • Stampy (Joseph Garrett)
  • Barnaby
  • Keen (Adam Clarke)
  • Henious (Shay Carl)
  • Priscilla the Head Wonderer (Lydia Winters)
  • Rama (Tabitha St. Germain, later Rachel Staman)
  • Flunky (Roger Craig Smith)
  • Lackey, Professor X (Richard Steven Horvitz)


Season 1

Season 2

  • Sqaishey
  • Sir Isaac Newton (Martyn Littlewood)
  • Rama (Rachel Staman)
  • Thomas Edison (Rhett McLaughlin)
  • William Hammer (Link Neal)
  • LDShadowLady
  • DanTDM
  • Benjamin Franklin (Hank Green)


Wonder Quest and I Wonder

# Wonder Quest Episode I Wonder Episode Release Date
Season 1
1 Episode 1 The Five Ws & One H 25th April 2015
2 Episode 2 Scaling the Solar System 2nd May 2015
3 Episode 3 Blast Off! 9th May 2015
4 Episode 4 Planet Stampy! 16th May 2015
5 Episode 5 Measuring Trees 23rd May 2015
6 Episode 6 Parts of a Plant 30th May 2015
7 Episode 7 Seed Dispersal 6th June 2015
8 Episode 8 Homemade Water Cycle 13th June 2015
9 Episode 9 Disaster Deputy 20th June 2015
10 Episode 10 Keeping Out The Henchmen 27th June 2015
11 Episode 11 Solid, Liquid, or Gas 4th July 2015
12 Episode 12 Baking a Cake 11th July 2015
Season 2
13 Episode 13 One Literal Second 20th August 2016


Position Held by
  • Maker Studios
  • Joseph Garrett
  • Joseph Garrett
  • Patrick Muhlberger
  • Ryan Burns
Supervising Producer Cella Duffy
  • Josh Bitzer
  • TJ Fuller
Lead Designer Eunbeal Cho
Background & Prop Designer Trevor Knapp Jones
Technical Director Gideon Dunn
CG Modelers
  • Trevor Knapp Jones
  • Gideon Dunn
Storyboard Artist Jushtin Lee
CG Animators
  • Trevor Knapp Jones
  • Jonathan Eden
  • Mikhail Pakhomov
  • Josh Bitzer
  • TJ Fuller
  • Kyle Baeta-Orick
  • Gideon Dunn
VFX Compositors
  • Nicole Josephian
  • Mikhail Pakhomov
Editor & Production Coordinator Joseph Servantez
Music Composers
  • Seth Earnest
  • Duke Westlake


  • This is one of the few collaborations between Stampy and Maker Studios.
  • Stampy and Squid played a Minecraft map named Wonder Wharf, which is a non-canonical prequel to Wonder Quest made by Block Horizons.
  • Stampy revealed in a Q&A video that he wanted to have a Season 3 of the show, but Disney currently has no plans to do so.


Ceremony Year Award Status Recipient
Webby Awards[1] 2016 Online Film & Video - Gaming Nominated DEFY Media
Kidscreen Awards 2016 Best Web/App Series Nominated

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